Web Wanderings

Happy Friday!

We spent last night tobogganing with my coworkers and it totally felt like the weekend started a day early, until I had to go to work today.

A friend sent me this a couple days ago and it was good to see someone addressing the fear that living ethically is too expensive.

Un-Fancy is back!

These earrings are lovely.

Going to try and make this delicious looking tart for our small group this weekend.

Had this app recommended and have been enjoying it. It’s pleasantly designed which is a requirement for anything I keep on my phone. Plus, since deleting the Facebook app off my phone, when my mindless scrolling urge kicks in, I can read this one instead

I’m debating hard between this dress and this one for my spring capsule. I have 2 weeks before I have to decide.

I’m loving the tiny gold double earring look (I know I’m late to the trend). But I need to find the right combo. I’m thinking this one is a winner:


Maybe with these?

I work at at wellness company, so we’ve been super excited about the new Fitbit all week. This is the first one I really want. It combines all the functions I wanted in one. So maybe it’s time to upgrade from my almost 3 year old Zip?

Have an awesome weekend! February is almost over!


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