Life Lately


Summer has still been in full swing around here. Luckily the hot temps finally broke and we’ve had some rain. But we haven’t been home since the beginning of July for a weekend and are kind of hoping this weekend might give up a break. We love this stage of life where we can take off at a moment’s notice and adventure all weekend every weekend, but there does come a time when we get a little tired.

Last weekend we had an awesome trip down south to a lake in Tennessee. That green water up above is totally natural! I couldn’t believe it when we pulled up.

I’ve recently had some things come up that made me rethink priorities, goals and the direction of my blogging hobby. I know that’s cryptic, but I can’t wait to share with you once I have it all figured out. The path has been a bit painful, but I really think it’s been a refining fire type of experience and the results have been pretty cool.

We’re 3 weeks from our Iceland road trip and are gearing up for it. It’s going to be epic.

It seems that it takes until the summer is almost over for things to slow down enough for me to take a breath, look around and really soak up all the lovely bits of summer left in August and September. I’d love to make it to the farmer’s market one more time and taking advantage of the beautiful evening light some more before the season ends.





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